LIFEBOUND | Donelle Hogarth
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Donelle Hogarth

LifeBound Certified Trainer and Coach

Donelle Hogarth brings over 20 years of experience in higher education to the academic coaching field. Drawing on her previous roles as professional tutor, classroom and online instructor and community college administrator, Donelle shares her knowledge of student learning, motivation, staff development and work/life balance in both individual coaching and group training scenarios. Her real-world experiences as a former bank officer and small business owner add to Donelle’s solid educational background, earning her MBA as an adult while working fulltime.


Donelle shares her passion for assisting students in realizing their potential through a holistic approach of self-discovery, learning strategies, relationship building, and advocacy. Her background in working in both educational and business environments brings a fresh perspective on the importance of lifelong learning and shared values as individuals navigate transitions from college to career in a fast-paced, multigenerational workplace.