LIFEBOUND | Student Success Series
Help students make better transitions between grades, and develop social and emotional intelligence, leadership and financial literacy.
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The LifeBound Student Success Series is designed to help students in 5th-12th grade make successful transitions, and develop social and emotional intelligence, leadership and financial literacy.  Ideal for students, parents, advisors, or program managers directing enrichment programs, each title includes additional curricula such as online assessments, study guides, and final exams.


Order any 3 titles for $30 (plus shipping).

For Grades 11-12

Majoring in the Rest of Your Life


Paperback 189 pages


Featuring inside advice from students, graduates and professionals who share their experiences about success in college and the world of worK and what employers expect of today’s graduates.  Written for high school seniors and college-bound students as they prepare for life after high school and beyond.  Includes interviews with professionals and lots of real-world practical tips.

Dollars and Sense, How to Be Smart About Money


Paperback: 201 pages


Dollars & Sense provides a great and comprehensive overview on essential topics to consider as a young person planning your financial future. Topics covered include budgeting, credit and debt, money management, and smart financial investing. By breaking down complex topics into simple terms using illustrating examples Dollars & Sense helps students understand finances and how to become financially responsible.

For Grades 5-11

Making the Most of High School


Paperback: 331 pages


Written for late middle early high school students, Making the Most of High School helps students prepare for the transition to high school and how to navigate the many challenges and responsibilities during these important development years.

Success in Middle School: A Transition Road Map


Paperback: 159 pages


This book helps students develop healthy boundaries, organizational skills and tips on the transition to middle school. Topics include scheduling, meaningful relationships and developing compassion. Compassion is identified as attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection and allowance. Carter further emphasizes that organization, a healthy diet, and proper note-taking are essentials to your success.

Leadership for Teenagers From Ancient Times to the 21st Century


Paperback: 198 pages


Using models of great leaders throughout history and today, this book empowers students to think about leadership in a new way.  By exploring the diversity of leadership through self-exploration activities, exercises, and entertaining stories, Leadership for Teenagers provides an effective and engaging introduction to leadership.

Junior Guide to Senior Year Success: Becoming a Global Citizen


Paperback: 239 pages


Written for students preparing to start college, this book provides a starting point for high schools student to being to learn about the world-as-s-community and how decisions they make impact the world around them.  This book plants the seed that every student can take small steps to solve the many big challenges facing our world today.

Study Skills for High School Students


Paperback: 168 pages


This book equips students with the keys for effective study skills including goal setting, learning styles, active note taking, preparing for tests, and critical thinking skills. This book will helps students to discover their learning style-so they can study smarter, not harder. Additionally, it helps students learn test-taking and study techniques, strengthen their memory capacity, develop critical thinking skills, and set achievable goals.

People Smarts for Teens: Becoming Emotionally Intelligent


Paperback: 160 pages


The teen years are fraught with emotional ups and downs. Students often don’t know why they feel the way they do and many wonder if their feelings are normal. Some teens report the gnawing perception that no one understands them, and they may act out this  Using  many different examples and instances, this book helps teenagers become resilient and self-confident, even in the face of major life changes.  Key topics include tips on self-awareness, controlling your emotions, and dealing with stress.

Critical and Creative Thinking for Teenagers


Paperback: 210 pages


Critical and Creative Thinking encourages teenagers to understand and discover their inner critical thinking and creative skills. The book challenges the reader to grow, and step out of their comfort zone. Topics include Great Thinkers in History, Great Creators of Today, Innovations that Changed the World, Movers and Shakers, and “Thinking On the Cutting Edge”. These topics provide teens with real world examples of each step in the process of critical and creative thinking.

Gifts and Talents for Teenagers: Discovering Your Unique Strengths


Paperback 209 pages


Written for high school and college-age students, this book presents a strengths-based approach to educational and career options for teenagers.  Topics include time management, goal setting, and self-discovery, and self-discovery questions to help students discover their intrinsic strengths.  Using quotes, interviews with role models, and engaging person stores, Gifts and Talents for Teenages helps young adults explore what makes them unique and special.

Stop Parenting and Start Coaching


Paperback: 125 Pages


Written specifically for parents that struggle to communicate effectively with their kids, Stop Parenting and Start Coaching is full of helpful tips, guidance, and practical skills for how to develop a coaching mindset with your kids to better guide their behavior and decisions.

Contact LifeBound for more information on coordinating curriculum for each book including online assessments, study guides, and final exams.