LIFEBOUND | Mary Haynes
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Mary Haynes

Lead Trainer and Coach

Mary Haynes has over 25 years of experience in higher education and has an extensive background in college readiness and admissions, college graduation and career planning, and personal and career coaching. After receiving her undergraduate degree at Stanford University, Mary worked at Stanford for 4 years as an Associate Director of Admissions and an additional 4 years as an Assistant Dean of Students. Mary was also an Assistant Director of Admissions at both Colorado State University and at the University of Denver. Mary has spent the last 16 years at the Daniels Fund in their scholarship program where she has supported many hundreds of students from the start of their college search through to graduation and beyond. Mary is passionate about helping people from all backgrounds and abilities discover their strengths and connect those strengths with higher education and/or career possibilities. Mary is also a professional facilitator and a certified mediator. She has worked closely with C-suite executives on a wide number of issues facing their businesses. Mary has been a LifeBound certified trainer and coach for 5 years.