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Dr. Jennifer Groh

Dr. Jennifer Groh

Jennifer L. Groh, PhD, is the Associate Director of the Women in Engineering Program (WIEP) at Purdue University. Dr. Groh has invested over 100 hours of training in academic coaching to become a certified LifeBound Affiliate with a specialized focus in serving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) populations nationwide.


Her interactive workshops on elements of coaching have been well received by a variety of audiences, including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff in higher education; K12 teachers and staff members in informal and formal education settings; and corporate representatives. Dr. Groh enjoys sharing coaching strategies which people can adapt for leadership endeavors, difficult conversations, fostering deeper conversations, and countless other scenarios. In addition to leading these engaging sessions, Dr. Groh integrates coaching into her mentoring interactions with students, WIEP programming, and her personal life.


Dr. Groh received holds B.S. and PhD degrees in Microbiology. As the Associate Director, Purdue Women in Engineering Program, she develops, implements, and assesses peer mentoring programs (serving 400 university students) and two Women in Engineering seminars (serving nearly 200 students). She also directs engineering outreach programming to over 3000 pre-college students annually.


Dr. Groh welcomes clients for individual and group coaching sessions and also for training workshops. These sessions are tailored to STEM audiences (higher education faculty, staff, and students and also industry representatives) and can be held on site or remotely through online platforms and by phone.

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