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Gail Fairfield

Gail Fairfield

As part of the Indiana University Office of Completion and Student Success, Gail Fairfield actively leads the development of best practices in advising and advising leadership across seven campuses of varying sizes (3,000 students to 38,000 students). She presents her Coaching Conversations in Meetings with Students training throughout IU and at conferences, and recently spoke at the Student Advocates Conference, sponsored by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education and USA Funds. Across the board, participants respond enthusiastically to Gail’s ability to lead them into grasping new skills – and taking them home to use.

As one participant put it, “I now have a structure and a way to approach the kinds of conversations that I have always tried to have with my students. Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I didn’t – now I know how to be more intentional and less haphazard in my work.” Gail has over 15 years of experience as an advising administrator and advisor at Indiana University, a multi-campus public, 4-year institution, and is also a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She has a passion for training educators in skills to help students cultivate a vision of what’s possible in their lives and create actionable plans to achieve success.

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